Property management

Who takes care when you're not there?


Don't let your rented property manage your life! 

Expat Home Services is the focal point for owner and tenant.


We provide a full package of financial, technical and commercial management 


The management includes:

  • Collection of the monthly rent which will be immediately deposited on owners' account

  • Annual indexation of the rent 

  • Assistance with any rent collection measures in case of no rent payment by the tenant

  • Payments concerning the property and its contents

  • Administration of receipts and expenditures

  • Request of quotations for repairs and services needed on the property

  • Implementation of services and repairs needed on your property 

  • Handling of requests and complaints of tenants

  • Contact between tenant and owner

  • Proactive notification of home maintenance requirements

  • Check in and check out inspections at the start and the end of the lease period

  • Termination or transfer of utility accounts

Extra services: 

  • Full internal house or apartment cleaning between rental periods

  • Organisation and supervision of refurbishment work