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Meet the manager

My name is Irene Ruysch and I have lived in The Netherlands since 1990. In 2012, after having worked as a French teacher for many years and as a personal assistant at several international companies, I started my own business as Property Manager.


If your house needs to be refurbished, well-maintained, repaired, would you not like to have a trusted person to organize and supervise the work and deal with the workers in your house?


As owner living abroad, you can rely on our expertise and our accurateness to solve your tenant's problems on your behalf. A team of plumbers, handymen and other reliable experts supports us to make this possible.


I am fluent in Dutch, French, Spanish and English and feel at ease with people from different cultures which makes my work with expats very interesting and pleasant.

Expat Home Services grants you peace of mind and offers you a range of tailored services for your unique needs.

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