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Do you wish to rent out your house to Expats?

"Quality above quantity"

The quality of the properties we have for rent and the service we offer to our clients are important to us. Time, dedication and finding the proper much are our assets.

Our procedure:


-     Publishing the property on our website, on Funda and on Pararius without additional costs

-   Making professional pictures from your property

-   Making a digital brochure

-   Bringing the house to the attention of colleague real estate agents

-   Mailing the brochure of the property to our network at international companies

-   Approaching potential tenants

-   Visiting the house with potential tenants

-   Negotiating with potential tenants

-   Collecting personal and financial data of potential tenants

-   Screening potential tenants

-   Drawing up the rental agreement

-   Supervising the transfer of the keys and drawing up an inspection report

Expat Home Services provides professional pictures of your house or apartment.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further details


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