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Ever heard from Identity fraud?

Identity fraud is when criminals use forged or stolen identity information, for instance to buy goods in someone else’s name and avoid having to pay. People smugglers, drug traffickers and terrorists also use stolen identity information.

Identity fraud is increasing, especially online. Government, businesses and the public are all helping to tackle it. Government authorities are working together to investigate identity fraud, and members of the public should take care when sharing personal details.

How do you prevent fraud with a copy of your identity card or passport?

Organizations sometimes ask for a copy of your passport, identity card, driving license or residence document. For example if you have a rental contract or a phone subscription. By disabling this copy for others, you can prevent abuse

How do you make it impossible for others to use your ID?

• write on the copy that it is a copy.

• write on the copy for whom it is

• write on the copy the date on which the copy has been made.

• Hide your social security number on the document and the other numbers at the lower part of the page

Who are allowed to make a copy of my identity card?

Some organizations are allowed to make a copy of your photo ID (passport, driver's license or identity card). For example, your employer and your bank.

Tip: install the app KopieID on your smartphone. With this app, you create a safe copy of your identity document.

You can also buy a special ID cover at the ANWB which only reveals the necessary details on your passport.

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