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Property Fever

Many people want to invest in a property in The Netherlands. Often even living abroad, people want to invest in one of our big cities, for instance in The Hague. But, the problem is, there are no properties available! How is this possible?

Last year, and the year before, everybody wanted to invest. The houses, especially the smaller ones and in the better neighbourhoods were sold within a couple of days. Nowadays even when prices have risen, in order to get the property, you sometimes have to offer at least 10% or 15% above the price they are asking for……..and react very fast on the opportunity.

A recent development is also that a new platform has been created which offers a new style of selling and buying. (From abroad) you can see on a map the houses which are for sale and you contact the owner directly, without the mediation of a realtor. This has advantages and disadvantages, for the buyer and for the seller for instance, you will both save the realtor costs.

However, how would you do that if you are abroad? You need to see the house before deciding, is the neighbourhood ok? Is there public transport close to the house? What about schools and shops? Is the house in good shape? And don’t forget all the legalities?

Expat Home Services can help you, we don’t charge a percentage of the price of the house, we charge per worked hour and we are in contact with the expatriate client, by e-mail, by Whatsapp or by phone and, we have flexible working hours as our clients are from all over the world.

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