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Asbestos in my house? What to do now…

In many houses from the 1955-1994 period, one can find asbestos, which was used, among other things, in the glue to fix tiles on floors and walls, in corrugated sheets, ceiling plates, and window sills.

How do we know for sure we do or not have this material when we are refurbishing the house?

There are special companies which can make an inspection and an inventory. They take samples of suspicious materials and send them to the laboratory.

If asbestos is detected, this must be removed by a specialist, it is very interesting to see how they work!

They set up a kind of tent around the entrance of the space where the asbestos has to be removed, this is to avoid that any bit of this product enters the clean spaces. Men in white suits with masks start the work. After everything containing asbestos is removed, they analyze the place and the air.

If the measurements indicate that there is no more asbestos in the air, the tent will be removed and the room will be declared asbestos-free.

There is a National Asbestos Tracking System, which lists the properties where asbestos have been found and if it has been removed.

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